The Axon Box fanless mini desktop PC is the perfect multipurpose solution. A tiny form factor powered by an Intel Gemini Lake processor and equipped with a full range of connectivity options including ethernet, VGA, Bluetooth, and more. Use your Axon device as a home media center and enjoy fast navigation. The Axon box is an ultra-energy-efficient, versatile mini PC with Windows 10 Pro, ideal for both work and home application.

Operation System

The perfect multi-purpose solution ran with Windows 10 Pro, a simple yet intuitive interface.


The latest wireless connectivity with dual-band Wi-Fi to enjoy fast navigation.

HD Output

High-resolution 4K video quality for great user experience ideal for video-conferencing and streaming.


Ample space to store all your documents and multimedia content.


Optimal RAM power for fast system responsiveness and smooth multitasking ability.

Mini SD Card

Availability of an added 512GB of storage to accommodate all your data and files.